Cheap source for picture frames and matts

Hello all,

We were in Holland Michigan last week to have a bit of lunch and got there to early so we stopped at a local shop to look around. We were at the Hotel Furniture Outlet (148 Waverly Rd.). What a unique shop they have.  Lots of furniture and beds, hundreds of lamps and chairs. Tried to buy lampshades but they only come with the lamp base. So I didn’t get any shades, but the next time I need lamp parts I know where to go.

They have thousands of framed pieces of hotel art that are only $5 each! Now some of the pieces don’t have matts, some are single matt while a lot are double matted. There were plain black frames all the way to ornate gilt “carved” frames.  You would need to know the size(s) you need as there are all kinds  of frames to go through. If you were framing a whole collection and wanted the frames all the same this is the place to shop. You can check them out at their website,

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